Metal Spinning One of the Oldest and Fastest Growing Methods of Forming Sheet Metal

Metal spinning is quite similar to a potter forming his clay except a metal spinner uses a flat round disc of sheet metal rotating on a spinning lathe. The metal spinner applies pressure to the rotating blank to shape the metal over a form we call a chuck or mandrel.

This pressure can be applied by a single tool, compound levers or hydraulically. The path of the tool can be controlled by hand, by a template or by full CNC.

Spun metal parts are all around you. Perhaps your cooking pots at home? The wheels on your car? The jet engine cowling on the plane you took on your last business trip. We would not have been able to send men to the moon if it were not for metal spinning. Paul Revere was a metal spinner... his hollow ware is in museums. Remember the Jefferson Cup?

Metal spinning is one of the oldest methods of forming sheet metal. It's also one of the fastest growing. New uses are being found for the spinning process all the time. Perhaps you can come up with the next new idea? Give us a call and let us work with you.