Deep Drawing

Metcom Inc. operates state of the art, four-action CNC hydraulic presses in our deep draw operation. We have press capacities up to 250 tons with a draw depth of 16 inches. Our 39 inch press tables accommodate a wide variety of tooling sizes. Our 5-station double acting hydraulic transfer press has an 11" draw depth capability.

We process our own square blanks out of master coils up to 60 inches wide to save you money. Our two automatic and three manual circle shears convert these blanks to circles with ease. Irregular blanks can be formed on our mechanical presses.

Metcom's metal spinning operation complements our deep draw capabilities with trimming, beading, necking, and flanging operations. We also have spot/projection welding equipment and a horn press for lancing.

Metcom Inc. has a complete tool room to build the tooling to match your parts with our process.